Sakharam Gatne by Pu La Deshpande – Part 2

Gaurav translates Sakharam Ghatane. It is a must read. Must also read Part 1 here.

“So what are these circumstances you are facing?”

“My father does not understand the grander objective of my time on this earth.” Gatne said.

I thought of Gatne’s signboard painter father. He was after all a man who measured letter by the inches and filled them with paint. Obviously, how could he understand the grander objective of the time on this earth of a modern-day Proust in his home? If someone says “grander objective” to him, Gatne’s father is probably more likely to respond, “What font do you want that in?”.

“But what makes you think your father does not understand the grander objective of your time on this earth?”

“My father has hatched the heinous conspiracy of getting me married,” with his lips trembling, Gatne finally let the cat out of the bag.

“What’s so heinous and conspiratorial about getting you married?” I asked. “If you don’t want to get married, just tell him so.”

“That is precisely the imploration I have come to you with. I don’t care about my own wants. After all, the battlefield of life is littered with occasions in which you end up mortally wounded.”


Candlemakers’ Petition 2009 – Against Online Petitions

Gaurav makes a Candlemakers’ Petition against online petitions.

But how are we expected to continue to operate as an industry while co-existing with online petitions? Millions of online petitions such as this one and this one threaten our very existence. Until online petitions came along, our candlelight vigils were the last word in futile and convenient empty gestures. But online petitions are even more futile, more inconsequential, and are a lot more convenient than candlelight vigils ever could be. It is the convenience part that hurts us the most. Now people can massage their consciences and feel self-important without as much as buying a candle, lighting it and marching. All they need to do is click, and their conscience is massaged and self-importance is boosted. As low as the price of conscience-massaging is in candlelight vigils, it is almost zero in online petitions.

Taking Vacation? Then Please Do It Ethically.

Aaditya asks you be ethical while taking a vacation

I observed that there was a set of people who were on vacation for that extra day, but still showed up in the office for few hours to attend some important meetings or line up everything in place before they go on vacation. This was really appreciable of them. It shows dedication, sincerity, loyalty and ownership attributes of those individuals.

On the other hand, there was a set of people who were not on the vacation on that extra day, but had plans to use that day for their extended-long vacation, so they left the office early before noon, without really informing anyone officially. This was terrible behavior. It’s ethically very wrong.

Dev.D and Rule

Ramanand Reviews the Music of Dev D

The list of my personal picks begins with the dulcet banaarasii Dhol yaaraa Dhol sung with great desire by Shilpa Rao and backed by Kshitij. Some of the turns gave me the kind of goosepimples that I usually get with some Rahman interludes. Raa.NjhaNaa is a small downbeat version of this song.

The album has many such doppelgangers – pairs of tracks taking gloomy/bouyant U-turns, hard rock/street music incarnations, or turning from joy to lament. The two Dev-Chanda Themes are especially interesting – the first is a slow bluesy hum (and a fine one at that) while the second is a very moody whistle with a touch of menace.

A road never travelled

Dushyant takes a 4000 mile roadtrip through 18 states

As the car gulped down interstates, iphone’s were whipped out to book hotels and read up on oncoming towns. And essentially that was it. Drive, stop, see, eat, drink, sleep and Drive. The beauty lay in the plan’s simplicity and its geographical spread. And it was executed by four wheels. My partner in crime through this journey was my good friend who is suspiciously quiet to those who met him and gladly so

A R Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire OST

Ajay makes a few observations about Rahman’s style of music after watching slumdog millionaire

When I started watching Slumdog Millionaire, I was trying to guess whether the soundtrack and background music was by A R Rahman. I didn’t know because I saw the film without reading or following too much about it. I wanted to watch it with no preconceived notions. The opening chase song O…Saya had a characteristic Rahman feel – expansive sound, ARR-sounding vocals and a train beat to go with the train visual. But M.I.A’s arrival on vocals threw me off the scent.


Ajit Oke makes a case that Roads reflect the society they serve

Roads, in many ways, are reflection of the society they serve. And I don’t mean only the conditions of underlying (sic) roads, but the manner in which the society uses them. Let me take this line of thought forward and provide a few interesting points to support it.